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Jordanian Doctors Association (UK) Delegation Meets JMA President and council

Updated: Feb 20

Amman, Jordan – August 29, 2023 – A delegation from the Founding Council of the Jordanian Doctors Association in the United Kingdom, including Dr. Zaid Sabe Eleish, Dr. Ahmad Al-Aqad, and Dr. Taher Faydi, met with Dr. Ziad Al-Zu'bi, President of the Jordanian Doctors Association, and members of the association council on August 28, 2023.

The discussions aimed to strengthen collaboration and communication between the two organizations to better support Jordanian doctors both in the UK and Jordan. Key topics discussed included providing support for Jordanian doctors in the UK, assisting those interested in relocating, and utilizing the expertise of UK-based Jordanian doctors to benefit healthcare advancements in Jordan.

The meeting highlights the Jordanian Doctors Association (UK)'s solid commitment to the development of Jordanian medical professionals and its dedication to fostering ties with the Jordanian medical community

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