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JDUK Launched


1 May 2024

The Association of Jordanian Doctors in the UK is here to help and support Jordanian Doctors living and working the UK.

The Association of Jordanian Doctors in the UK (JDUK) was officially launched in a virtual meeting held on 29/4/2023, marking a significant milestone for the growing community of Jordanian doctors practicing in the United Kingdom.

With the number of Jordanian doctors in the UK witnessing a staggering increase of over 471% between 2017 and 2022, the establishment of JDUK comes as a timely response to the need for a platform that fosters collaboration, support, and professional development among these doctors.

Founded by a dedicated group of 11 Jordanian doctors, JDUK aims to provide a range of opportunities for doctors to develop their careers while offering social and mental health support for Jordanian frontline workers. The association also seeks to establish a strong network for collaboration with doctors in Jordan, aiming to strengthen the connection between the two medical communities.

Among the founding members of JDUK are esteemed professionals such as Dr. Zaid Sabe Eleish, Dr. Ahmad Alaqqad, Dr. Rakan Khalifeh, Dr. Hiba Shanti, Dr. Ghaith Gsous, Dr. Tahir Faidi, Dr. Tareq Altal, Dr. Haitham Tumeh, Dr. Khalif Aljbour, Dr. Mahmoud Abusamak, and Dr. Mohammad Rawashdeh. Their collective expertise and commitment to the betterment of healthcare have laid a strong foundation for JDUK's future endeavors.

The objectives and goals of JDUK encompass a wide range of initiatives designed to support Jordanian doctors in the UK and contribute to the medical community in both the UK and Jordan. Key objectives include creating a supportive network for doctors to collaborate and share knowledge, providing mentorship and guidance to doctors at different stages of their careers, and advocating for the rights and interests of Jordanian doctors in the UK.

JDUK plans to organize regular conferences, seminars, and workshops, providing members with opportunities to share expertise, discuss medical advancements, and address pertinent issues in the field. The association will also establish an online platform for enhanced communication and information sharing among members, promoting collaboration and facilitating access to valuable resources.

Furthermore, JDUK is set to host its first international meeting in Amman in August 2023, offering an opportunity for doctors from the UK and Jordan to connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential areas of collaboration. This landmark event is expected to strengthen ties between the medical communities in both countries and pave the way for future collaborations and research initiatives.

With its launch, JDUK envisions a future where Jordanian doctors in the UK can thrive professionally, find the support they need, and actively contribute to the advancement of healthcare in Jordan. By fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and social support, JDUK aims to make a positive impact on the lives of its members and the medical community as a whole.

Jordanian doctors in the UK and those interested in joining JDUK can find more information on the association's official website, , which will serve as a hub for updates, events, and resources aimed at enhancing the professional journey of Jordanian medical professionals practicing in the UK.

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